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La Montanita Co-op

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La Montanita Co-op Santa Fe 913 West Alameda St. Santa Fe, NM 87501 505-984-2852 Monday–Sunday, 7am–10pm Our Santa Fe location brings local and organic food to New Mexico’s capital. The historic city combines a mix of old-world charm with a contemporary vibe, and the Co-op is much the same; it brings local food grown with traditional, sustainable, centuries-old practices to a modern community rich with culture. Website: Article in Pasatiempo Nov 23rd...

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Camino de Paz School and Farm

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CAMINO de PAZ FARM is the setting in which our school is fully integrated. The farm is structured as a teaching center for our students, the local community and the broader sustainable farming community. Camino de Paz Farm has market gardens, animal husbandry and processed foods divisions. Sustainability is key to what the farm is about. It means that we are soil builders and water conservers. We use as few outside inputs as possible, especially fossil fuels. website:  Article in Local Flavor November...

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Monte Vista Organic Farm

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Monte Vista Organic Farm Dave & his Family have been supplying us since 1996 with Heirloom Tomatoes for Pizza Etc and many more items to Joe’s Dining since 2002. Ask about their CSA -Program   .   Facebook Website Phone (505) 753-6817

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Berry Beef

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Berry Beef “From our family’s ranch, to your family’s table!” . . . In 1896, the “Quarter Circle B brand” was first registered with the Territory of New Mexico. At this point in time, New Mexico was not even a state. Six generations later, the tradition continues. Landon Berry, is a sixth-generation cattle rancher on the fertile grassland of Johnson Mesa located just nine miles east of Raton, New Mexico. The mesa stands approximately 8,600 feet above sea level and it has been said that it has some of the highest...

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Ohori’s Coffee Roasters

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Small batch, fresh roasted, gourmet arabica coffee since 1984! Ohori’s offers our customers luscious artisan Coffee. We roast premium arabica coffee beans daily in Santa Fe, NM.We always micro-roasted in small batches of 30 lbs or less in our classic gas heated drum Probatroaster. At Ohori’s Coffee, we are always searching for the best quality coffees the world has to offer, while sharing the concerns of many specialty coffee customers for coffee growers and environmental conditions...

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Farm to Restaurant ( F2R )

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Farm to Restaurant Farm to Restaurant is an award-winning program which promotes a viable food system in New Mexico by facilitating local food sourcing between Santa Fe restaurants and area farmers and educating the public about the benefits of eating locally grown and prepared foods. Remember, when you eat local food you are getting the freshest, most vibrant and delicious food available and you are preserving the futures of New Mexico farmers and ensuring the health, prosperity and sustainability of our culture for generations to...

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El Morro Valley Ranch in Ramah NM

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How to get a carnivore to take his/her wheat grass   ask  Charlie and Rebecca owners of the El Morro Valley Ranch in Ramah, NM. (30 miles SE of Gallup) To insure consistent “alive” nutrition for their animals they purchased a self-contained “grass grower”. The cattle is raised for Sweet Grass Co-Op , the locally raised all grass fed and finished beef that Joe’s uses for Burgers.   NUTRITION Fodder Solutions barley sprouts have been tested at every stage of growth.  The peak spectrum of nutrients...

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Shepherd’s Lamb

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  . . Welcome to Shepherd’s Lamb, home to the best certified organic grass-fed lamb, yarns, and wool products from the mountains of northern New Mexico. We work hard every day to ensure that our lambs grow up happy, healthy, and organically, so you can be assured that the products we pass along to you are a healthy, natural...

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Bio Diesel

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Joe’s is happy to announce that Reunity Resources is picking up used deep-fry oil from Joe’s Dining. Even better I can now buy locally made Bio Diesel from recycled vegetable oil. My GMC 1992 with a 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine has 185000 miles, was feed with Bio Diesel-blend from the Bacca Station for the last few years and now runs smoothly on the B99.9. Why Biodiesel?   100% biodegradable. Lowest emissions:  provides a life cycle emissions reduction of 78% compared to petroleum diesel. Non-explosive and Non-toxic: ...

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Matt Romero Farms

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  Matt has been busy “caring” for the farm, and it shows! He is busy as ever, with transplanting, tilling, mowing, composting, irrigating, harvesting, and marketing! Read more about Matt and the Farmer’s Market.  

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