Farm to Restaurant ( F2R )

Farm to Restaurant

Santa Fe Farmers Market

Farm to Restaurant is an award-winning program which promotes a viable food system in New Mexico by facilitating local food sourcing between Santa Fe restaurants and area farmers and educating the public about the benefits of eating locally grown and prepared foods.

Remember, when you eat local food you are getting the freshest, most vibrant and delicious food available and you are preserving the futures of New Mexico farmers and ensuring the health, prosperity and sustainability of our culture for generations to come.

Farm to Restaurant has countless benefits. Along with being the healthiest and tastiest option, local food fortifies our:

  • Economy: A dollar spent locally generates three times as much income for the local economy than at a non-local business!
  • Community: Farm to Restaurant reconnects the eater, the grower, and the chef!
  • Environment: Local food has a smaller carbon footprint and Farm to Restaurant farmers have more sustainable practices!