Joe’s is happy to announce that Reunity Resources is picking up used deep-fry oil from Joe’s Dining.

Even better I can now buy locally made Bio Diesel from recycled vegetable oil.

My GMC 1992 with a 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine has 185000 miles, was feed with Bio Diesel-blend from the Bacca Station for the last few years and now runs smoothly on the B99.9.

Tejinder fills up Roland’s Truck with Bio Diesel, April 25th 2013

Why Biodiesel?


    • 100% biodegradable.
    • Lowest emissions:  provides a life cycle emissions reduction of 78% compared to petroleum diesel.
    • Non-explosive and Non-toxic:  unlike gasoline or petroleum products, biodiesel has no dangerous fumes.
    •  Locally Sourced:  made from recycled vegetable oil collected from locally owned restaurants. Locally Produced: made in New Mexico in a family operated plant.
    • Recycled:  not produced from virgin oils often grown at the expense of food crops.
    • Low Carbon Footprint: transported locally in a biodiesel-powered truck.
    • Tested and ASTM Certified:  exceeds biodiesel specification D-6751.
    • Engine Performance:  similar fuel consumption, horsepower and torque as well as higher cetane and lubricity.
    • No Engine Modification Required:  compatible with standard petroleum diesel engines.
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