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Nobody does it like Joe!

Where local farming and great food come together



1 (505) 471-3800


OPEN Tue – Sat 8 am – 8 pm

Sunday 8 am – 2:30 pm

Mondays closed


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Welcome to Joe’s Santa Fe

Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner
Eat-in * Take-out * Catering

Locally sourced
European influenced
and utterly delicious 
American comfort food


Free Wi-Fi – Free parking

Santa Fe, NM 87507

Who is Joe?
Joe is everyman.  He is you, he is me, he is the guy next door, 
the gal next door.  He is José, Giuseppe, Joseph and all female renditions of the name. Joe is the common thread among us and yet he is one of a kind.  He is friendly, unpretentious, straightforward with quietly discriminating tastes. Joe has a robust sense of humor – he loves to laugh, even at himself. He loves good food, good drink and good company.

Welcome to Joe’s!

“Dija Know…”

Welcome to our Newsletter

  • here at Joe’s many, many items are prepared from scratch on premises: fiore di latte (fresh mozzarella) is made daily, smoked meats, brisket, smoked salmon, all desserts and pastries, sauces, soups, pizza dough, dressings, some breads.
  • that since 1995 (starting at our first location – Pizza Etc.), we have led the Santa Fe food industry, in supporting the Farmers Market. By all the farmers’ consensus, we buy more local, regional grass-fed beef, lamb, produce, flour, veggies and fruits than any other restaurant in Santa Fe. In 2010 Joe’s Dining purchased over $80,000.00 worth of Farmers Market products.  A locavore’s delight.  ( 100K by 2012)
  • that your hosts, Roland and Sheila, have a combined 70+ years in the restaurant industry!!
  • that Joe’s is not a chain or a franchise. Joe’s Dining is one of a kind. Joe’s is Roland and Sheila – all that they own, all that they are. We cannot compete with the chains’ marketing budgets. However, they cannot compete with our food or our service or our heart.
  • that we cater a significant number of corporate office meetings, weddings, family events, community and church events and doctors’ office meetings and receive marvelous feedback.
  • that we have our own pastry chef in house – he/she does fresh desserts as well as beautiful birthday cakes and Gluten-Free options
  • Joe’s is Locally sourced, European influenced American comfort food


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