The Domaine de Nizas Rose 2011, France is a blend of 40% syrah, 40% grenache and 20 % mourvedre. It is produced in the sunny area near the town of Pezenas. This is a lovely Mediterranean wine for a warm region and for a hot summer day/night. The rose wines are particularly common in the southern warmer regions of France, Spain and Portugual. This wine is conducive to hot weather, yet still has some relation to the red wine the French hold so dear.

The rose wine, served cold, has a wonderful crispness to it. It is smooth, well-rounded, and has a nice balance between fruit and minerals. The minerals are right up front and the fruits seem to follow.  The soft flavors of strawberry, raspberry and a hint of anise all dance delightfully as it rolls around in your mouth. There is a decent finish, but one not long for this world. Nor is it supposed to be. The rose wines are something to be explored and appreciated in this summer of heat.

introductory 4 oz serving 6. (available may 27th)
regular glass ( 6.25 oz)  9. (available may 27th)
BTL  29.  (available April 15th)