Appetizers & Salads

served from 11:00am until 8:00pm


Chicken, Vegetable and Ginger
  Made with Mary’s organic Chicken    6 / 9

Soup du Jour   6 / 9
changes daily and reflects the season

Appetizers or Small Plates

Crisp calamari with chipotle aioli and
citrus dipping sauces    14

Chips & Salsa
Freshly made corn chips w/ salsa    6

Guacamole & Chips
Freshly made corn chips 
with house made guacamole and salsa     9

Onion Rings
Beer battered and deep fried     5

Smoked Salmon
Thinly sliced house smoked Scottish Salmon
garnished with Capers, Onions and Horseraddish cream  

Fried Oysters
Lightly battered, flash fried  and served with
a tangy Cajun Remoulade    10

Buffalo Wings
Spicy chicken wings with carrots  and celery with hot sauce & blue cheese dressing for dipping
1/2 lb      9         1 lb      +5



Dressings made in house with olive oil: Italian, Roasted Tomato Balsamic Vinaigrette & Caesar.
Made with Mayonnaise:
Bleu Cheese, Ranch & Thousand Islands.

Garden Salad
  Mixed organic greens, romaine, carrots, onions, tomato and Susan’s sunflower sprouts with choice of dressing  7

Caesar Salad    
Crisp Romaine tossed with our zesty Caesar dressing, topped with croutons and freshly grated Reggiano  8

Avocado filled with Shrimp & Blue Crab
With greens with roasted tomato vinaigrette     18

Greek Salad
Tucumcari feta, calamata olives, tomato, onion, garlic & cucumber on baby greens with Italian dressing       16

Add Grilled Scottish Salmon to any salad 14
Add Grilled Natural Chicken Breast to any salad   7
Add Grass-finished Beef pattie to any salad     7
Add Organic Lamb pattie to any salad    9
Add Flat Iron Steak to any salad   7

Add 3-Meatballs to any salad    4

(all prices are subject to change without notice)