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July 2020, Interview on Richard Eeds Show regarding Dine in Closure

Jan 2020, Restaurant Water Conservation Program Highlighted

Aug 2019, – 23 Perfect Romantic Santa Fe Restaurants ( see # 3)

March 2019, Albuquerque Journal North – Eat at Joe’s – it’s good, it’s local, it’s fun

January 2019, SFReporter, ..serve the most local ingredients.  scroll down to #15

November 2018, SantaFe New Mexican, Joe’s Dining marks 16 years

November 2018, LocalFlovorMagazine, Still Hungry

August 2018, LocalFlavorMagazine, Pioneering New Mexico’s Farm Food Revolution

March 2018, Celebrating the life of Jody Ellis

January 2017, Santa Fe New Mexican, A side of Pancakes

November 2016,  Follow KSWV Que Suave Radio, Save Water Santa Fe

October 2016,  Mayor’s Sustainability Award, or .jpg  Award-Document

March 2016,  2KASA Style, Asparagus Soup for Easter, Video clip

March 2016, New Mexico Magazine Your Favorite Restaurant, scroll to Santa Fe/ Diner

Feb 2016,  Interview Food and Happiness with Melanie Heart

October 2015,  2KASA Style with Chad, Video clip – Veggy-Casserole for World Food Day

July 2015,  2KASA Style with Chad and Brittany, Zabaion, Video clip

July 2015, Not Your Average Diner, Gourmet Girl,

June 2015,  2KASA Style with Chad and Brittany, Red Flint Polenta, Video clip

April 2015,  2KASA Style with Chad and Brittany, Roast Lamb Wrap, Video clip

February 2015,  2KASA Style with Chad and Brittany, Caprese, Video clip

February 2015, Albuquerque Journal North, by Karen Peterson

Summer 2014, TRENDmagazine, The Spice of Life

April 2014, Listen to podcast with host Glenn Schiffbauer, Executive Director of Green Chamber and Chef Roland 

April 2014, Lynn Cline, Santa, Santa Fe’s Spring Cuisine 

April 2014, Local Flavor, Chef Johnny Vee want’s to know

March 2014, hungrygerald

Sept 2013, Santa Fe New Mexican, Cooking for a cause

August 2013, Pasatiempo, Review

June 2013 Listen to 101.5 KVSF podcast with host Elisa and Chef Roland

May 2012, Local Flavor,”Making a difference”

April 2012,“Gardens, Food, and Santa Fe with Bob Ross” on   KSFR 101.1 FM:

April 2012, chow hound,”second visit confirmed..”

February 2012, Santa Fe New Mexican, Local,”Joe’s Dining (that right) adds a day”

November 2011, “Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award”

August 2011, Santa Fe New Mexican, Taste,”Who Grew Those Heirloom Tomatoes?”


February 2011, Gay Life, Santa Fe Homes & Real Estate “the best one I have eaten, seriously.”

October 2010, Albuquerque Journal North “Come Early, Eat Great”

October 2010, Green Fire Times “Farm to Restaurant Project”

October 2010, Green Fire Times “Recepi for Health”

2010, Santa Fe Reporter “Restaurant Guide, Top 40”

September 2010, New Mexican “WIne & Chile Grand Tasting”

July 2010, Pasatiempo “Above average Joe’s”

June 2010, NewMexican “Running with a fork”

May 2010, “first-rate upscale faux diner”

May 2010, CHOWHOUND “low frill edition”

Jan 2010, TripAdvisor “Top quality restaurant diguised as a diner”

Sept 2009, SFReporter “A seasonal shift is captured with surprising grace “

June 2009, Local Flavor ” Still Hungry”

August 2008, Sun News ” Award Winners”

August 2008, Farm to Table ” Trophy”

May 2008, Pasatiempo “All the trimmings without the fuss”

April 2008, Albuquerque Journal ” Joe’s Diner Really Has the Whole Package”

February 2008, Picture of Soup Bowl Winner ” Best of Show”

October 2005, Local Flovor “Pleasures of the Table”

April 2004, Bon Appetit, ” Joe’s is no ordinary Diner.”

April 2003, The Santa Fe New Mexican ” A Diner’s Guide to Organic Restaurants”

April 2003, The Santa Fe New Mexican ” South Side Diner opens”

January 2003, Souper Bowl, ” Best Chunky Soup”

November 2002, La Cocinita ” Santa Fe Scoop” by John Vollertson,