A Parallel World (APW)




Since it’s founding over four centuries ago, Santa Fe continued to encourage a pioneering spirit and a love of the earth. No wonder America’s fledgling sustainability movement found fertile ground in the country’s oldest capital. Yet after 45 years since the first Earth Day, the rest of America’s markets have been slow to transition toward a post-carbon economy.

One Santa Fe sustainability movement luminary, Diego Mulligan, looked deeply at this puzzle. Diego hosted the public radio show, “The Journey Home” for 18 years. Diego interviewed hundreds of leading environmental thinkers. Most agreed: Corporate investments in the old technologies keep us stuck in the status quo. Corporate-owned mainstream media functions like an echo chamber, reinforcing the status quo as the only “realistic” option.

Given this “market entrenchment,” we believe a market-based approach is the best way to succeed. In other words — create a parallel marketplace to sell a revolutionary lifestyle. Turn our backs on old business models and use the power of mass marketing to affect the transformation we need. As enough Americans make the doable jump to learn How To Live the Parallel Lifestyle we reach a tipping point. Once ten per cent of any population adopts a superior technology, the rest follow quickly.

A Parallel World, LLC was founded by long-time green developer, Alan Hoffman. Alan envisions the mass market turning environmental challenges into solutions. Twenty-plus experts from Santa Fe and around the country stepped forward to help create Alan’s concept. Set up like a cooperative, the APW Team launched the APW Marketplace, a “one-stop shop” for sustainable products and services at AParallelWorld.com. Get direct access to APW vendors you can trust while enjoying money-saving member discounts and bonuses.

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