Gluten free?  Click on our gluten free menu.  More people seem to be experimenting with gluten free eating and experiencing some amazing benefits.  Sheila embarqued on GF eating in October 2010 and is driving Roland nuts with her newfound energy.  (His words, not hers).  Initially though it was merely to experience the challenges faced by “gluten-freer’s”.  As well as GF appetizers, entrées and sandwiches, we have introduced GF desserts.  Our aim is to create desserts that are so delicious it becomes irrelevant that they are in fact gluten free!  We use alternative ingredients  – nut flours instead of wheat flour that create a high protein dessert with reduced carbohydrates; arrowroot in place of corn starch, grapeseed and cocoanut oils, although we find we just can’t eliminate butter altogether!  Some of these desserts are also egg free, lower in carbs and sweetened with agave nectar (which has a low glycemic index – suitable for some diabetics) and cane juice.   These are truly food-desserts!