Mother’s Day 

Sunday May 9th th 2021

by Chef Anthony


starting at noon until 7:30pm

>> please call for reservations  505-471-3800



we also serve our regular
Breakfast menu starts at 9:00
Brunch menu will be served from 9am until 2pm,
and the Main menu from 11am until 9pm

Salad Course

Red & Golden Beet
pickled Jicama, Avocado puree and Orange Slices
with Carrot Ginger Vinaigrette  10.


Main Course

Grass-finished Beef tenderloin wrapped in Applewood smoked Bacon and
grilled to your liking on a Oyster-mushroom & onion soubise Merlot Reduction
served with Yukon Gold filled Scallion Crepes  26.


Sea Scallops
Grilled Diver Scallops with Parmesan Tuille and Beurre Blanc
on Creamy Herb Risotto and roasted Bell Peppers  26.


Chocolate Orange torte with sour-cherry compote
Gluten free warm Chocolate Pudding served with Vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise 8.

Lemon mousse
cloud of delightful lemon curd folded in meringue and whipped cream 8.