Easter Sunday April 12th

The Osterbrunnen (Easter Well or Easter Fountain) is a German tradition of decorating public wells or fountains with Easter eggs for Easter. It began in the early 20th century in the Franconian Switzerland region of Upper Franconia but has spread to other regions. The decoration is usually kept from Good Friday until two weeks after Easter.



In addition to our regular Brunch menu we offer

CurbSide Pick up only


SOLD OUT as of 1:30pm


Choose from our regular menu and

Roast Leg of Lamb
Infused with Thyme and Roasted Garlic served w/
Potato au Gratin and Green Beans   22.

– Desserts –
Lemon Brulee  8.
whole pie, 8 pc    $42.00
call before Friday 7:pm if you like to pick up your meal on Saturday after 3 pm.
We arrange everything in reheatable containers.
please specify Family packing or individual packaging.
this meal will store for 4 days in you refrigerator.
heating instructions:  ” slow and low” is best, about 40 min in total
heat oven to 250F
remove clear plastic from container
place potato gratin in oven for 20 min ( add a little water to pan)
after 20 min add Lamb and green beans to oven for another 20 min.
5 min before time is up turn oven off and place you plates in oven too.
happy Easter and Bon Appetit