Dija Know… Joe’s Restaurant Newsletter -125 April 2016

Dija Know… Joe’s Restaurant Newsletter -125 April  2016


It’s Joe’s 4th Annual Burger Week!


Taxes took a bite? Bite back! For seven glorious days every April around tax time, Joe’s rolls back the price of a 2-topping grass-finished local beef burger to just 7.99. You pick the toppings and we’ll deliver the yum of our open-fire grilled burger! Upgrade to Antonio’s organic lamb or Monte’s buffalo for a few bucks more. Burger week runs April 11 through 18th.


The raised bed wagons out on the patio are for sale. We’ve grown herbs in them the last 2 summers, but now we need the space. They are very sturdy, have an inner liner. They were made by Ken Kuhne http://raisedbed.biz. The cost new was $495 each. But…make us an offer! We’d love to see them used and appreciated. Talk to any manager or Roland.

Joe’s Red Room is perfect for meetings or parties. It seats 32 comfortably. Just call to book 471-3800.

Joe’s fresh dark French chocolate truffles are a perfect gift for any and all of your loved ones, especially when gift boxed in our 4 or 6 truffle boxes. Mocha or hazelnut? Ask your waiter.


The first Friday of every month from 7:30 – 11am, Richard Eeds returns to Joe’s, broadcasting the Morning Show live on Hutton FM 101.5. Richard does a brilliant job of keeping New Mexicans abreast of the times. During the broadcast, watch Richard at work and get a surprise discount on your breakfast! Just ask.


Recently I’ve mentioned a marvelous almost miraculous health and wellness technology I discovered just before Christmas. I was searching for a solution to a common and often debilitating health problem and I found it. I’ve been using it and testing it the required once a week for less than 10 minutes and the results have been nothing short of astounding. Many of you know of my deep interest in health and healing. For decades this interest has woven its way through my (and my family’s) lives. I have approached it over the years from many different angles. For the most part our family’s health (including that of our horses, dogs and cats) has been maintained and sometimes fought for, using primarily diet, alternative and non-drug methods. Make no mistake though, when called for, the allopathic Western modalities have been an appropriate Godsend. I have enormous respect for all who devote their lives to healing. My interest in health and Roland’s philosophy of food, are additionally reflected in the quality and sourcing of the food we offer at Joe’s. All that said, this new wellness technology can help so many people in so many ways. It is so exciting to me and so in line with my interests that I am buying into the company and plan to bring it to Santa Fe. Because it is in the initial stages, I am not able to disclose more than that. I hope to be able to help as many people as wish to be helped with certain very prevalent health challenges. This gives me the natural and risk-free means to do so. I promise that as soon as I can, I will share more about it than you ever wanted to know.
It may be time to revisit what we printed here years ago about the terms grass-fed and grass-finished. It’s no special claim to say your beef has been grass fed. All cattle are grass-fed! And sheep and buffalo. What is important is how they are finished before being “processed”. Finishing a CAFO* cow is a traumatic and stressful final 3 – 6 months. From living on grass it must now adapt to a feedlot fattening diet of corn, soy (GMO, most certainly) and other fillers that will indeed fatten the cow but at a huge trade-off. Ruminants were not designed to digest corn and grains. It’s extremely hard on their system especially their liver. They “survive” these last months by being fed a constant dose of antibiotics. CAFOs in general have a lot of negative impacts – on the environment, on the cattle and on the ultimate quality and nutritional value of the meat. Grass-finished beef however is more humanely raised, is leaner, higher in properly balanced omega fatty acids, CLAs, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene. A growing body of research suggests that many of the health problems associated with eating beef are really problems with corn or grain fed beef. Anyhow the point is, the terms grass-fed and grass-finished are just not the same.
*CAFO – concentrated animal feeding operation/feedlot

Perhaps those of us who’ve followed food trends are coming to our senses about diet, nutrition and our health. Are we recovering from decades of misinformation (intentional or not), decades of weird diets to lose weight or in search of health, decades of salt-free, fat-free, low-carb and other nonsense? I admit I’ve been there. I bought it all. As a professional dancer, I often lived on cottage cheese and coffee! This month I’m giving a nod to a couple of novel health notions, notions that just seem to represent a return to common sense about food and diet. I’m listening and maybe you are too.

I discovered in my endless search for perfect health (I know, I know, not possible) a researcher/writer, Matt Stone, who advocates throwing out all of the trends, all the crazy diets and classic “no-no’s” – even the gluten free food (hmm). He says the underlying causative factor for most conditions and diseases is that we have strayed so far from our commonsense everyday traditional diets that our metabolism is disrupted. We drink way too much water (his rule: do not drink when not thirsty) and we eat too little salt, starch, sugar and saturated fat. (What!?) He claims that our interstitial fluid (that fluid not in the cells) is salt deficient and far too dilute. Clear pee, cold hands and feet anyone? Stone claims this accounts for hypothyroidism or lowered metabolism. He contends that regulating fluid concentrations in the body is essential and that it is easier than it may seem. Key elements are adding some currently cursed substances (salt, sugar, starch and fat) and returning to our traditional diets. In the US and Canada that would be more or less good old meat ‘n potatoes! Eventually (not overnight) that practice could lead to a higher core body temperature, meaning a higher metabolic rate. I do know from my own experience both with animals and humans in the last several decades lower body temperatures have become the norm. 98.6°F (human) is rarer than it once was. Ok I ramble. Don’t conclude that I am promoting Matt Stone’s proposals. But again, I’m listening and passing it forward to see if has merit for any condition you may be facing. He maintains that reaching a good core body temperature is key to regulating a number of biological systems and thereby gently bringing the body back into balance and proper effortless functioning. And that’s got to be good.

And here’s another novel piece of information that frankly shocked me on the subject of blood pressure. “Not long ago, your systolic (first number) blood pressure was considered normal if it was somewhere around 100 plus your age.” Really!!?? [That quote from Dr. Bruce West in his newsletter Health Alert.] I don’t know what to think of this, but since I’m not a fan of blood pressure medicines (except in acute and emergency situations) and their side effects, I’m willing to at least listen to this point of view. By the way, Dr. West at 68 says his own systolic number is 130.

And here’s something not so novel, something most of us now accept, unless you’ve spent the last decade reading nothing but Harry Potter. Just a snippet from two published Canadian naturopathic physicians de-bunking an out-dated and dangerous food myth. Drs.K. Jensen and M. Schauch write, “The hypothesis of coronary heart disease as the result of excessive intake of saturated fats may no longer be sustainable.” Canadians can be so understated. LOL. In plain English – saturated animal fat does not induce heart disease.

Why are we at Joe’s so annoyingly persistent about this “buy local” stuff? Many factors are out of our hands when it comes to our food supply. Most of what ends up on the American dinner table derives from a shockingly few giant agribusinesses. Their reach is long – from designing the (GMO) seeds to planting, fertilizing, processing and shipping. We as consumers cannot with confidence hand over the entire stewardship of our food to these few multinationals. Our passion here at Joe’s is for a local sustainable food supply – food produced by growers who are accountable for what they grow. KYG – Know Your Grower. We are able to look our local farmer in the eye and ask him about his growing practices or even visit his operation. This gives us the confidence that we are eating food that is healthy, wholesome, non-genetically engineered, often better than organic, humanely treated and minimally processed. It is grown with a smaller energy-use footprint and transported short distances. We cannot divorce human health, the economy, ecology, personal (perhaps spiritual) satisfaction or honorable work from food. Food is fundamental. What we eat, where it comes from, the stewardship of food animals, the nurturing and building of soils – all these factors affect us at a cellular and visceral level. Santa Fe is fortunate to have one of the very best Farmers Markets in the nation. Here at Joe’s we offer this bounty to you, keeping dollars in the community. In the interest of transparency, in 2008 Joe’s spent $30,000 on local foods. In 2009, $60,000. Each year since 2012 we have far exceeded $100,000 per annum (over 30% of our purchases).
Land, economy, health – inseparable.

Joe’s gives you $10. What’s the catch? Well the way we figure it, if you cut out the middleman by NOT using a credit card, we can give that back to you and then some. Using a credit card costs the retail merchant about 3-5% and extra time & paperwork. Now let’s be real – in today’s world one cannot function without a credit card, but there are still (legal) alternatives that reduce our dependency on the Big Banks and actually save us all money. We have a couple of suggestions: (1.) Joe’s Check List – If you are a “regular” and wish to pay by check, please ask your waiter to get you on the list. (2.) Joe’s own credit card/gift card – purchase a $100 gift card with cash or check or silver or gold coin, get a $10 free bonus! Yup your $100 gift card will actually buy you $110 worth of meals at Joe’s.


Giggles – from Canadian billboards
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Don’t drink and drive. You’ll only spill it.

Dude, we totally forgot our slogan (billboard for the
Canadian Medical Marijuana Assoc.)

Daisy Air Rifles, keeping kids off your lawn
since 1866.

Dyslexics, Untie!

We’re proud of our privates (US Army)


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