• here at Joe’s many, many items are prepared from scratch on premises: fiore di latte (fresh mozzarella) is made daily, smoked meats, brisket, smoked salmon, all desserts and pastries, sauces, soups, pizza dough, dressings, some breads.
  • that since 1995 (starting at our first location – Pizza Etc.), we have led the Santa Fe food industry, in supporting the Farmers Market. By all the farmers’ consensus, we buy more local, regional grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, poultry, eggs, produce, flour, veggies and fruits than any other restaurant in Santa Fe. In 2010 Joe’s Diner purchased over $80,000.00 worth of Farmers Market products. A locavore’s delight.  ( 100K by 2012)
  • that your hosts, Roland and Sheila, have a combined 60+ years in the restaurant industry!!
  • that Joe’s is not a chain or a franchise. Joe’s Diner is one of a kind. Joe’s is Roland and Sheila – all that they own, all that they are. We cannot compete with the chains’ marketing budgets. However, they cannot compete with our food or our service or our heart.
  • that we cater a significant number of corporate office meetings, weddings, family events, community and church events and doctors’ office meetings and receive marvelous feedback.
  • that we have our own pastry chef in house – he does fresh desserts daily as well as beautiful birthday cakes and Gluten-Free options