Pasture One Quality

There are many factors that allow us to produce exceptionally high-quality grass fed beef–the breeds we run, the age of the cattle, the grass fed genetics of our animals, their consistent feed source.

It’s all part of a centuries-old craft of grass fed, pasture-raised that has been proven over time to produce delicious, healthy beef.


Food Safety

As food providers, we have a responsibility to ensure that our beef is safe to eat. From our ranch protocols to our state-of-the-art processing plant, we lead the industry in traceability, third-party audits, and testing. You won’t find stricter protocols or more careful safeguards anywhere in the industry.


Health benefits of Grass finished Beef

If you’ve never tasted pasture-raised, grass fed beef, then you’re in for a real treat. Bite into a Pasture One burger or steak and you can taste the terroir, the grasslands where our animals are raised, the fertile earth and year-round rainfall.

Pasture One beef has a complex, beefy flavor, with none of the mouth-coating, buttery residue that grain fed beef often leaves behind.


Animal Welfare

Our cattle live their entire lives grazing out in the open. If our pastures were measured, each of our animals would have two football fields of grazing space. They eat what they evolved to eat over thousands of years: fresh, high protein grass.

We respect our animals and treat them with dignity. Our transport and processing protocols were developed by experts to comply with Dr. Temple Grandin’s recommendations.