Small (10”) Pepperoni Pizza    11

Grilled Cheese Sandwich    8

Spaghetti Marinara    8

Spaghetti with butter and Parmesan    8

Spaghetti with sauce and 3 Meat Balls   9

Chicken Wings with a side of Ranch for dipping    8

Cheese Quesadilla with Ranch dressing on the side    7

Chicken Breast with French fries or mashed potatoes    9


Side Orders
French Fries   5             Onion Rings   5
Cole Slaw    3               Mashed Potatoes   5
Sautéed Spinach  5         Stir-fried Vegetables 5



Milk Shake with Häagen Dazs    7
vanilla or chocolate

Italian Cream Sodas   4

cherry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry,
chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut            

(all prices are subject to change without notice)