Beverages – Beer – Wine

Beverages – Beer – Wine

(all items and prices are subject to change without notice, pictures may include optional items)


Iced Tea, Lemonade, Sodas   (includes refill)
Hot Teas  (most are organic)
Hot water, complete set up
Raspberry Lemonade
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water
Orangiana (San Pellegrino)
Panna Still Mineral Water

Juices:  Cranberry, Orange (organic) or Apple
Bottled Root Beer
Milk Shake   (made with Haagen Dazs)
Iced Coffee Float w/ Haagen Dazs
Root Beer Float w/ Haagen Dazs
Italian Soda
Italian Cream Soda

Monin real fruit syrups
sweetened with Non-GMO cane sugar:
blackberry, cherry, hazelnut,
raspberry, strawberry, chocolate & vanilla   


coffee beans are OHORI’s
superior grade organic and fair trade

Espresso from Illy.

Coffee  (including refill)
Iced Coffee with coffee ice cubes
Espresso      ILLY
Cappuccino or Latté
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Caffée Mocha
Hot Chocolate, dark , rich house blend



Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)
dazzles with aromas of intense tropical fruit

California Dream Pinot Grigio (CA)
refreshing with juicy pear, tropical fruit and crisp finish

Sycamore Lane Chardonnay (CA)
smooth, round texture and creamy apple, citrus and peach

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc &Viognier (CA)
a Joe’s house favorite, refreshing with honeydew,
spring flowers and notes of pear

Benziger Chardonnay (CA) biodynamic
aromas of peach, apricot, lively acid and subtle creaminess

Schäfer Mettenheimer Riesling organic grapes         
mild acidity with hints of green apple and peach
dry-style made in Rhein-Hessen


Campo Viejo Cava Brut – Spain
elegant on the palate with excellent final sensation

Schramsberg Brut Rose 2017 – CA “champagne”
the White House serves Schramsberg too


Chianti  Gabbiano (IT)
forthright fruit and well-behaved tannins beckons to be savored. An unpretentious solid good friend to almost any meal, free of any complexities that would insist on some degree of formality

Sycamore Lane Merlot (CA)
cherry & plum aromas, hints of tobacco, smooth texture and soft tannins

Drumheller Cabernet Sauvignon (WA)
bright floral nose, ripe cherry, cinnamon, intense but silky finish

Tassajara  Pinot Noir (CA)
sustainable-grown with rich black cherryflavors and a smooth,
silky finish

Luis Martini  Cabernet 2017  (Alexander Valley)
Rich and complex, the wine opens with layered aromas of blueberry, black cherry, licorice and herbs; smoky cedar and oak

Harvey & Harriet 2019  San Luis Obispo County
Blend 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah, 10% Petit Sirah, 10% Cabernet Franc, 10% Petit Verdot, 10% Malbec  

7 Deadly Zins (CA)
heavenly, addictive, attracts a fiercely loyal following

Toscan Monte Antico (IT)
a Tuscan gem that over-delivers

Allegrini Amarone 2015
impressive structure and depth, with aromas of mature fruit and chocolate filled with cherry liquor and dusted w/ cracked pepper

Orin Swift Papillon Blend 2018
Full-bodied, the palate has a firm texture of ripe, grainy tannins with a lively line and a long earthy finish


made with 1.5 oz  top-shelf spirits from local distilleries
“neat” or “on the rocks” with your favorite mixer like
tonic, coke, sprite, ginger ale, soda water, apple or cranberry juice

Bourbon – Whiskey – Dry Point Distilleries
hand-crafted, distilled in tiny batches

Single Malt – Whiskey – Colkegan – Santa Fe Spirits
mesquite smoked malt results in a mysterious unique complexity

Gin – High Desert –  Tumbleroot
angelica root, long pepper, forward citrus with the classic gin notes of juniper

Gin – Wheeler’s dry –  Santa Fe Spirits
bold complexity upon a solid foundation of juniper with hint of cactus flower

“Tequila”  – Five Ducks Agave Silver – Little Toad Creek
small batch made with 100% Jalisco Blue Agave

“Tequila”  – Five Ducks Agave Reposada – Little Toad Creek
small batch Silver Agave aged 6 month in house-charred white oak to enhance the mild smokey flavors of this polished southwest spirit

Vodka  – “Expedition” American West – Santa Fe Spirits
maize & Sangre de Cristo mountain water deliver a clean and mellow taste

Rum – Anejo  – Vara
this rum blankets the palate with wood spice, caramelized sugar and toasted nuts

Brandy  – Apple – Santa Fe Spirits
apple peel, vanilla, fruit & cinnamon, perfect after dinner or paired with dessert

Margarita   (Agave Silver, lime, salt rim)                                 

Bloody Mary   (vodka & seasoned tomato juice)                      

Old Fashioned   (bourbon, bitters, syrup, orange peel)          

Tequila Sunrise   (Agave Silver, Grenadine & orange juice) 

Martini   (straight up Vodka, dry vermouth with olive)      



Route 66 Pils
Alien Amber Ale
Seasonal, check the Specials
Guiness Stout
Black and Tan

BOTTLED BEER                             

Samuel Adams
Dos Equis
Miller Lite
BitBurger ( non alcohol