Tuesday – Friday  8:00am – 11:00am,  Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm

(all items and prices are subject to change without notice, pictures may include optional items)

We Use Organic Eggs from Organic Valley

Brunch on Sundays is served from 9:00am through 2:30pm with additional dishes

Note:  In keeping with our mission of supporting our health, our land, our local economy with
locally sourced foods, we serve the following excellent breakfast ingredients: Joe’s eggs are organic from cage-free chickens,  free of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics, bread is locally made, chile is NM grown and certified non-GMO, coffee is organic from Ohori’s, potatoes (local when available) are fresh cooked , than griddle fried with onions, Ghee and Bacon-fat and we make our own sausage.  The Orange juice is Organic and perfect for a mimosa.

understanding Egg labels 


Breakfast Burrito
Eggs, home fries, cheese, red or green chile       
Toast , Butter and Jam
With bacon, ham or homemade sausage   +

French Toast with syrup & butter                         
With bacon, ham or homemade sausage   +

Buttermilk Pancakes, 4-stack      
made with organic eggs, organic buttermilk
and local flour
Add bacon, ham or homemade sausage   +

2 Eggs any style, home fries and toast       
Toast , Butter and Jam
With bacon, ham or homemade sausage   +


Bagel and Schmear             
Toasted bagel with whipped cream cheese

Breakfast Enchilada               
Corn tortillas layered with scrambled eggs,
cheese topped with chile and an over easy egg.
Toast , Butter and Jam
With bacon, ham or homemade sausage   +

Huevos Rancheros with red or green chile                  
Toast , Butter and Jam
With bacon, ham or homemade sausage   +

Cowboy Jack   2 eggs, 2 slices bacon,   
2 buttermilk pancakes & home fries
Toast , Butter and Jam

M.E.H.A English muffin, egg, ham and
avocado slices                                      

Joe’s Scramble     Sauteéd mushrooms, onions,
peppers, cheese, home fries, sausage, bacon and
ham topped with an over easy egg.                 
Toast , Butter and Jam
Add Bueno certified NM non-GMO green chile  + 

Steak and Eggs, lean & juicy flatiron steak
2 eggs, home fries and toast           

Morning Glory Muffin – moist & yummy! High in protein from almond meal and gluten free, we bake them daily with apples carrots raisins coconut & a smidge of honey   

3-Egg Omelets
served with home fries and toast
  Western: cheddar, ham, onions and green peppers           
Toast , Butter and Jam

   Garden: Joe’s home made fresh mozzarella,     
and seasonal vegetables
   3-Cheese: Swiss, provolone, cheddar or mozzarella or
mix them to your liking                          

Quiche  1/4 pie   
choose from
Tucumcari Feta and organic Spinach
“Lorraine” Bacon and Leeks
Old Fashion Ham and Swiss
with home fries  + 
with side salad  + 
Granola with milk                       
add fresh fruit   + 
* Light Breakfast Combo*       
1 egg, 1 slice bacon or homemade sausage or ham, 1 piece of toast and home fries 
(Please note: *coupons cannot be applied to, and will not be accepted against the Light Breakfast Combo.
*Substitutions are charged à la carte)

-Coffees & Beverages-

Our espresso & coffee beans are from
Ohori’s, a Santa Fe company.
They are organic and sustainably grown.


Coffee, hot tea (both organic) 
Hot water service   
Caffée Mocha   
Hot Chocolate   
Mexican Hot Chocolate   

Orange (organic), Apple orCranberry Juice   
Mimosa with breakfast or brunch
trés continental!        

Sides and à la carte items

Bacon, Ham or Sausage     
Real Maple Syrup     
Toast, English Muffin, Bagel,
Focaccia, or Tortillas     
One Buttermilk Pancake     
One Slice French Toast     
One Egg              
Fruit Nappy   
Home Fries     
Green or Red chile sauce (NM grown,)
non-GMO, of course!)     
Gluten free toast with breakfast   +



Gluten free? Ask for GF toast and GF French toast +