Iced Tea, Herbal Iced Tea, Lemonade, Sodas          3.5
Hot Teas  (most are organic)                                     3.5
Hot water, complete set up                                     1.0
Raspberry Lemonade     (refills +1)                         3.0
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water                3.0
  Orangiana or Limonada                                        4.0
Panna Still Mineral Water                                     3.0
pom-cran, orange (organic) or apple                       4.0
Bottled Ginger Ale or Root Beer                           4.0
Milk Shake           (made with Haagen Dazs)          7.0
Iced Coffee Float w/ Haagen Dazs                          7.0
Root Beer Float w/ Haagen Dazs                            7.0
Italian Soda                                                           3.0
Italian Cream Soda                                                4.0

Monin real fruit syrups
sweetened with Non-GMO cane sugar:
blackberry, cherry, hazelnut,
raspberry, strawberry, chocolate & vanilla   

Joe’s coffee beans are superior grade organic and fair trade, supplied by Ohori’s.  Espresso by Illy

Coffee      3.5
Iced Coffee with coffee ice cubes      4.0
Espresso             3.0
Cappuccino       4.0
Latté       4.0
Iced Chai      5.0
Mexican Hot Chocolate       5.0
Caffée Mocha      5.0
Hot Chocolate            5.0