Joe’s Mission:
to strengthen our health,
to protect our land,
to grow our economy,
by serving local sustainable food.

What really distinguishes Joe’s is our passion for a sustainable, local food supply.  Roland and Sheila established Joe’s in 2002 as a diner – our intent being to offer an unpretentious comfortable atmosphere for locals who demand high quality local food and uncompromising quality of ingredients offered at a fair price.

We are indeed the biggest restaurant buyer of Farmers Market goods in Santa Fe. The farmers say this and our expenditures prove it.  We now spend well over $100,000 a year on locally produced foods.

What our guests demand is clearly in line with our passion for a local healthy sustainable food supply.  This is what drives us to continue in this direction.

Here is a partial list of local ingredients we use: grass-finished NM lamb from Antonio and Molly Manzanares, grass-finished beef from Mesa Meats.  Additionally our local ingredients include NM chile, NM grown flour, a variety of cheeses, house made mozzarella, fruits, veggies, sprouts, wines, beers, some breads, homemade desserts and NM spirits.