Dija Know… Joe’s Restaurant Newsletter -134 January 2017

“Dija Know…”
Joe’s Newsletter #134, Jan 2017
Sheila   (archives available at JoesDining.com)

Farewell my dear sweet friend. 
You carried me many miles.

All members of our original equine family are now galloping on the other side, hopefully together.  Beau was the last of that group – we think he was 32 or 33. They formed and changed our lives.  Only Rosie remains now.  She and Chuckie (dog) are becoming fast friends.


Friday Jan 6th from 7:30 – 11am, Richard Eeds broadcasts the Morning Show live from Joe’s on Hutton FM 101.5.  Richard keeps New Mexicans abreast of the times.  And each 1st Friday of the month he does it live from Joe’s.  During the broadcast get a surprise discount on your breakfast.  Just ask!

♦  Original local art is displayed on Joe’s walls.  The three artists now showing at Joe’s – Chris Pennington’s colorful equine paintings are displayed on the ramp.  Nancy Nickerson’s new works hang in the main dining room and David Marks’ bold abstract pieces are in the Red Room. As well there are artists’ greeting cards for sale at the red counter.

 DiJa know – Beginning July 1, 2018 in the EU amalgam fillings will be banned for children under the age of 15 and for pregnant or nursing women.  In 2010 at the start of the ban amalgams campaign every major EU institution opposed the ban.  At the end, in 2016, no major EU institution opposed it. The evidence presented was mighty convincing.  In an internet vote called by the European Commission, 88 percent of the public voted for a phase-out of amalgam — an unprecedented voter turnout.  The issue of course is the deadly mercury content of amalgam fillings.  We here in the US are making progress on the issue wholly because of consumer (you!) demand and pressure.  Officially however the FDA still chooses to protect the practice and profits of mercury producers and pro-mercury dentists and amalgams are still applied by some dentists.  Amalgam removal has become a gentler more informed procedure.  When I had my amalgams removed in 1992, the repercussions were not fun.  Rest assured there are dentists now who have good safe protocols.  It’s up to you to ask.

  Joe’s Red Room is always perfect for your parties and meetings, seating 30-36 people

 DiJa know . . . bone density can be maintained and even recovered?  And muscle.  And joint integrity.  In as little as 20 minutes a week without changing clothes, without sweat, arduous workouts or drugs?  Sounds crazy but the technology exists and DancingBones, Sheila’s new wellness studio, will be bringing it to Santa Fe in January. And much more.  www.DancingBones.us Pick up a flyer at the desk on your way out.  Here’s to “living and moving with ageless vitality!”

A Tuesday night tradition at Joe’s – Spaghetti and Chianti Night.  $29.95 for two will get you Caesar Salad, Spaghetti with homemade Bolognese and a great ½ ltr of Chianti.  Quite a deal!  The Bolognese sauce is made with our grass-fed-and-finished regional beef.

 If you read this newsletter often, you may be tempted to skip this piece because you are sick ‘n tired of me talking about Vitamin D.  But don’t.  Skip it, that is.  I have important information to add to the whole ball of wax about sunshine and cod liver oil and Vitamin D and good animal fats and bone and tooth health and calcium and arterial plaque and heart disease and fermented foods and Vitamin A and Vitamin K2.  OK there it is – the whole ball of wax.  All those elements work together to support good health.  But quite honestly in today’s food world it is not so easy to get what we need to maintain that good health.  When I start to unwind a nutrition puzzle like this, I ask myself, how did we eat before highly processed foods?  Before genetically engineered “foods”?  Before contaminated soils, air, lakes and seas?  Before artificial fertilizers and herbicides?  Before unconscionable factory farming?  Before animals raised for food were fed substances they would never naturally eat?  Before all that?  Why did people 100 years ago have stronger bones than we do now?  Have fewer cardiac events?  And why by contrast do we currently have such an alarming increase in hip breakage, heart disease, cancer?  The answer of course is within all those questions.  Decades and more ago, we ate foods that were truly whole, and they were rich in vitamin K2 and Vitamin A.  Those two vitamins are intimately perhaps romantically involved.  And the third player that ignites that romance is sunshine.  Nothing gets activated without sunshine!  We have come to call it Vitamin D.  Examine for a moment, what experts have told us over the last several decades and you may see connections that should drop your jaw.  “Don’t go out in the sun, especially at noon.  Don’t eat meat, especially fatty meat, and if you do make sure it has white fat, not yellow fat.  Don’t eat eggs.  Don’t eat butter, especially the deep yellow butter (from pasture raised cows).  Don’t drink raw whole milk with all its enzymes (lactose intolerant, anyone?).  Don’t eat liver once a week – that’s just simply an old fashioned habit.”  Do you think we’ve been lied to?  Gee I dunno!  But what I do know is there has been a precipitous rise in heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer.  We don’t need statistics to tell us that.  We all have friends or loved ones living with one of these condition or we live with it ourselves!
We have allowed experts to dictate and change traditional time-tested ways of eating.  We have changed lifestyle habits to conform to that conventional wisdom.  We expected positive results from doing so.  And yet we are experiencing (now in every nation) an undeniable lack of good robust health (and that means mental and emotional stability as well) even in our youth population.

What can we do?  As we begin 2017 I am sharing with you a list of nutrients in supplement form, that in my opinion are indispensable.  Why in supplement form?  Because although the ideal is to get all your nutrition from your food, the average person today simply cannot obtain the quality of whole food on a daily basis that ensures good robust health – food that contains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors that were once dependably in our foods.  At Joe’s we are fortunate to be supplied by wonderful local farmers.  But not everyone eats here every day!

Here’s my short list.  [An aside: please do not get cheap supplements – they can do more harm than good in many ways.]

Vit D3 (or a good dose of noon sun). This is a must.  Also a must is that it be taken with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A.  That trio (ADK) is your bone, tooth, heart and circulation formula.  D alone is disastrous.  K2 and A tell the calcium to go to bones and teeth instead of arteries!  Add to that, Vitamin C complex (not ascorbic acid!), full spectrum of B’s, probiotics, cod liver oil, magnesium and a broad spectrum of minerals.  Stranded on a deserted island, allowed just a few supplements, I would choose the following: minerals, probiotics, K2 and A.  I would not need a capsule of D as I already have sunshine on my deserted island.
Forgive me, vegetarians, I respect that there are many reasons to choose that diet and if you are a veteran vegetarian, you no doubt have learned very sophisticated ways to ensure you get all your nutrients.

  ❤  Joe’s fresh dark French chocolate truffles are a perfect gift for any and all of your loved ones.  Mocha or hazelnut?  Ask your waiter.
  Why are we at Joe’s so persistent about this “buy local” stuff?  Many factors are out of our hands when it comes to our food supply.  Most of what ends up on the

American dinner table derives from a shockingly few giant agribusinesses. Their reach is long- from designing the (GMO) seeds to planting, fertilizing,  processing and shipping.  We as consumers cannot with confidence hand over the entire stewardship of our food to these few multinationals.  Our passion here at Joe’s is for a local sustainable food supply – food produced by growers who are accountable for what they grow.  KYG – Know Your Grower.  We are able to look our local farmer in the eye and ask him about his growing practices or even visit his operation. This gives us the confidence that we are eating food that is healthy, wholesome, non-genetically engineered, often better than organic, humanely treated and minimally processed.  It is grown with a smaller energy-use footprint and transported short distances. We cannot divorce human health, the economy, ecology, personal (perhaps spiritual) satisfaction or honorable work from food.  Food is fundamental.  What we eat, where it comes from, the stewardship of food animals, the nurturing and building of soils – all these factors affect us at a cellular and visceral level.  Santa Fe is fortunate to have one of the very best Farmers Markets in the nation.  Here at Joe’s we offer this bounty to you, keeping dollars in the community.  In the interest of transparency, in 2008 Joe’s spent $30,000 on local foods.  In 2009, $60,000.  Each year since 2012 we have far exceeded $100,000 per annum (over 30% of our purchases).
Land, economy, health – inseparable.

  Joe’s will give you $10.  What’s the catch?  Well the way we figure it, if you cut out the middleman by NOT using a credit card, we can give that back to you and then some.  Credit cards costs the retail merchant about 3-5% and extra time & paperwork.  Now let’s be real – in today’s world one cannot function without a credit card. But there are still (legal) alternatives that reduce our dependency on the Big Banks and actually save us all money.  We have a couple of suggestions: (1.) Joe’s Check List – If you are a “regular” and wish to pay by check, please ask your waiter to get you on the list.  (2.) Joe’s gift card – purchase $100 gift card with cash or check or silver or gold coin, get a $10 free bonus! Your $100 gift card will actually buy you $110 worth of meals at Joe’s. 


Recording on an Australian tax help line  –  If you understand English, press 1.  If you do not understand English, press 2.
l  Driver at traffic stop, “Honestly, Officer, I wouldn’t have pulled over had I known you were just going to criticize me.”

l  The coffee shop clerk asked my friend for his name.  “Marc, with a C,” he said.  Minutes later, he received his coffee with his name written on the side: Cark.

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