Dija Know… Joe’s Restaurant Newsletter -124 March 2016

Dija Know… Joe’s Restaurant Newsletter -124 March  2016
– Sheila



Mouth-watering: Joe’s Corned Beef & Cabbage



One of my mother’s favorite holidays was St. Paddy’s Day. She wasn’t even Irish, but she had a very good friend who was. Dear Maggie would bring the fun of St. Paddy’s Day to our home every year with green balloons, green popping party crackers and a hidden whoopee cushion! We probably won’t do that at Joe’s. (Who knows?) But we will start the traditional corned beef and cabbage on Friday March 11th and serve it all week through the 17th. We’ve heard it said, if you haven’t eaten Joe’s corned beef and cabbage, you haven’t eaten corned beef and cabbage.   And don’t forget your first Guinness is ½ price with a meal.


Friday March 4 from 7:30 – 11am, Richard Eeds returns to Joe’s broadcasting the Morning Show live on Hutton 101.5. Richard does a brilliant job of keeping New Mexicans abreast of the times. During the broadcast, watch Richard at work and benefit from a surprise discount on your breakfast! Just ask.


DiJa Know – Treading through the muck of the GMO wars is proving costly and treacherous, as the Chipotle chain recently found out. Many in the safe food community maintain that Chipotle was the victim of corporate sabotage. Considerable doubt surrounds the
E.coli outbreaks at several locations. The chain had an excellent food safety record for over 20 years. In 2015 Chipotle announced they would switch to GMO-free dining options. On the heels of that announcement, over 100 cases of E.coli were traced to Chipotle. Hmmm. Chipotle is the first restaurant chain to make such a non-GMO commitment. And with well over 2000 locations, Chipotle is no small potato. The impact on the GMO industry would be significant. Even more threatening to the GMO industry, is the probability that other chains might well follow suit. A federal investigation is now underway to address the allegations that Chipotle is the victim of malicious corporate sabotage. As well, the restaurant industry in general suffered the implication that G.M.O. food is somehow safer, when the exact opposite is true. As readers here know, more informed countries (Russia, Germany, France and others) have implemented controls and outright bans on dangerous GMO “foods”. Currently (re:Reuters) a federal criminal probe is now underway to investigate the sabotage of Chipotle’s reputation and the devaluation of its stock (40% drop after the E. coli outbreak) by the deliberate planting of laboratory bred (!?!) E.coli bacteria onto their customers’ food. In another incident of the GMO industry generating violence and treachery, TV’s Dr. Oz, made the innocuous statement that GMO foods should be labeled. He was immediately the target of a character defamation campaign, later proven to be conducted by former felons (hired guns) working for the GMO industry.   [Info drawn from Brother Bart on http://www.march-against-monsanto.com]
Good grief! In my wildest nightmares I never dreamed that merely insisting upon un-messed-with clean whole nutritious food would incur such criminal acts. We firmly support Chipotle’s decision to offer GMO-free choices with our own convictions and food buying. Unfortunately the lack of GMO labeling laws makes it impossible to know definitively that consumers’ and diners’ food choices are 100% GMO-free. And that’s a sad fact. One more reason Joe’s buys as much as we can from local growers whose practices we know.
BTW, The march against Monsanto is May 21st this year happening everywhere.
u Keep Joe’s Red Room in mind when you are planning a meeting or party. It seats 32 comfortably.

❤ Joe’s fresh dark French chocolate truffles are a perfect gift for any and all of your loved ones, especially when gift boxed in our 4 or 6 truffle boxes. Mocha or hazelnut? Ask your waiter.


Last issue I hinted that I had found an astounding technology that addresses fitness and health in a whole new way. I am so incredibly impressed I’m doing further research. So, still hinting, still researching.

As promised I’ve done a little reading on probiotics and in particular their impact on brain health. Who knew? – a major part what affects our brain goes on in our gut…er…tummy. Tummy bacteria can be good, can be bad, can be in balance, and worst of all, and can be out of balance. Certain bacterium, like salmonella, we really do not want in there. But others of the many strains simply need to be in balance. Not too much of one over others. Dr. David Perlmutter a neurologist, who treats many of his patients’ disorders with probiotic regimens, declares that the old paradigm of medical specialties being completely separated from each other is truly out of touch with current science. And BTW, out of touch with ancient science. Hippocrates way back in 400 BC said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Our body systems are symbiotic. Roughly 100 trillion invisible creatures inhabit our bodies and the bad news is that in today’s high stress and poor diet world, most people carry around more bad bacteria than good. Ultimately this imbalance can affect the CNS/the brain. Current science accepts that our intestinal microbes play a major role in multiple systems – immune, inflammation, neurotramsmission, vitamin production, detoxification, nutrient absorption, hunger signaling, etc. These microbes exert such global influence in our bodies that when out of balance we can express conditions like asthma, allergies, ADHD, dementia, diabetes, skin problems and more. They affect mood, libido, immunity, clarity of thought, emotional balance. As well as encapsulated probiotics, there are several foods that help balance the tummy micro biome. Prebiotics are those foods that feed the good bacteria. Some are: sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, kimchi, dandelion greens, garlic, leeks, and onions. In a nutshell, it would be hard to overstate the importance of re-balancing an out-of-balance tummy micro biome. And as we know, any system out of balance can lead to disease. I’m hoping here to whet your appetite to do further reading and research on the subject. Dr. Permlutter’s book, Brainmaker, is specific in naming the formulas (readily available at health food stores) that can help us “seed” our guts for the benefit of our health and most especially our brain.

Easter Sunday Prixe Fix Dinner has become a tradition at Joe’s. Look for the special Easter Menu online soon.

I recently had a request to reprint my piece on why we do not offer soy products and in fact avoid them like the plague. So here it is, slightly updated. First of all…there is one kind of soy product that is healthy, that is fermented soy in three forms: tempeh, natto and miso. Tofu is however not fermented; neither are soymilk, soy protein powder, soy cheese, soy ice cream, soy yoghurt and the most insidious of all, soy infant formulas. Furthermore the industrialized food machine has demonized certain foods that once were a healthy part of our American diet (for example, cocoanut products) in order to replace them with far more profitable (for whom I wonder) crops like soy and corn, both of which are both genetically modified (GMO) and highly subsidized. Yes this gets political – we see subsidies as counterproductive and GMO so-called “foods” as exceedingly harmful. Why is soy detrimental to health? Ever so briefly – it interferes with thyroid function, blocks absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc, alters the menstrual cycle, clumps blood cells, exposes us to enormously higher than normal levels of feminizing hormones. Furthermore because soy is almost exclusively GMO, it carries the additional effects of all GMO foods – the drastic reduction of fertility and the attending creepy abnormalities like hair growth inside the mouth, to name just one. Ladies especially, “they” really did a number on us in the last 20 years, lying to us about the benefits of soy. Well, all I can say is knowledge empowers. By the way Joe’s offers cocoanut milk for your special coffee drinks.

Why are we at Joe’s so annoyingly persistent about this “buy local” stuff? Many factors are out of our hands when it comes to our food supply. Most of what ends up on the American dinner table derives from a shockingly few giant agribusinesses. Their reach is long – from designing the (GMO) seeds to planting, fertilizing, processing and shipping. We as consumers cannot with confidence hand over the entire stewardship of our food to these few multinationals. Our passion here at Joe’s is for a local sustainable food supply – food produced by growers who are accountable for what they grow. KYG – Know Your Grower. We are able to look our local farmer in the eye and ask him about his growing practices or even visit his operation. This gives us the confidence that we are eating food that is healthy, wholesome, non-genetically engineered, often better than organic, humanely treated and minimally processed. It is grown with a smaller energy-use footprint and transported short distances. We cannot divorce human health, the economy, ecology, personal (perhaps spiritual) satisfaction or honorable work from food. Food is fundamental. What we eat, where it comes from, the stewardship of food animals, the nurturing and building of soils – all these factors affect us at a cellular and visceral level. Santa Fe is fortunate to have one of the very best Farmers Markets in the nation. Here at Joe’s we offer this bounty to you, keeping dollars in the community. In the interest of transparency, in 2008 Joe’s spent $30,000 on local foods. In 2009, $60,000. Each year since 2012 we have far exceeded $100,000 per annum (over 30% of our purchases).
Land, economy, health – inseparable.

Joe’s gives you $10. What’s the catch? Well the way we figure it, if you cut out the middleman by NOT using a credit card, we can give that back to you and then some. Using a credit card costs the retail merchant about 3-5% and extra time & paperwork. Now let’s be real – in today’s world one cannot function without a credit card, but there are still (legal) alternatives that reduce our dependency on the Big Banks and actually save us all money. We have a couple of suggestions: (1.) Joe’s Check List – If you are a “regular” and wish to pay by check, please ask your waiter to get you on the list. (2.) Joe’s own credit card/gift card – purchase a $100 gift card with cash or check or silver or gold coin, get a $10 free bonus! Yup your $100 gift card will actually buy you $110 worth of meals at Joe’s.


Giggles – this came from the German news service

What I say to my dog when I leave home: “Be a good boy, mama will be back soon, here’s a cookie, mama loves you, lie down on your silk pillow, I miss you already, we’ll cuddle when I get back.”
What I say to my husband: “Bye.”


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