Friday Dinner

January 15th 2021

please allow 30-40min of prep-time for your take out meal

 - Curbside - Dine-In - Patio - Catering
 +1 (505) 471-3800 

Due to New Health Order starting   11/16/20 
Joe's dining Phone lines are open from 10am until 7:30 pm Tues - Sun


– Soup –
Creamy Cauliflower & Leeks 6/8.


– Appetizer –

Grilled Lollipop Lamb Chop with Apple Slaw 8.


– Salad –
Nicoise” Grilled Tuna, Hard Boiled Eggs, Red Potatoes, Kalamata Olives, Red Onions & Green Beans on Mixed Greens 17.


– Entree –
Roast NM-raised Prime Rib of Beef with Baked Potato and Vegetable du Jour 28.
Wine Recommendation: Francis Ford Coppola
Director’s Cut Technicolor Red Wine

Hungarian Goulash ( Pork & Beef) Over Spätzle and Side Salad 18.

Cassoulet with Whites Beans, Goose, Duck, Roast Pork & Sausage topped with Croutons with Side Salad 18.

Organic Lamb Shank with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Spaghetti Squash 25.





-Desserts –
New York Cheese Cake  7.
Pecan Apricot Pie  8.
Chocolate Mousse Torte 8.
Pineapple Carrot Cake 8.
Brownies (gluten free) 6
Coconut Cream pie 8.

GiftCards for your friends

The team is ready for you

Temperature check, lots of handwashing, gloves and facemasks

Nightly disinfection with Ozone Generator


Curb-Side-Pick Up
here is how it works
1.) call
Give your name and phone number
place your order
add your tip in dollars or percentage
give your credit card or Joe's Giftcard number
2.) when at the restaurant call us from your car, tell us you're car model and color
and we bring the food and credit card receipt to you. No signature is required


or use  to get it delivered





– Local Food Partners –
Monte Vista Organics, Romero Farms, Green Tractor, Susan’s Sprouts, Camino dePaz School, Shepherds Lamb, Sweet-Grass CoOp Beef,  Eve’s Farm, Gemini Farm, Tucumcari Feta, SF Culinaria,  Valencia Flour, Ohori’s Coffee,