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Dija Know NewsLetter December is posted

Saturday Dinner

December 20, 2014


- - - Soup - – -

Borscht 5.29/7.29

- – - Appetizer - – -

Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail  9.

Organic Chicken Liver Pate, Bagel Chips, Onion Marmalade & Cornichons 7.

Crisp Calamari with Chipotle Aioli and Orange Dipping Sauces 9.


- – - Salad - – -

Joe’s Italian Chopped Salad with Salami,Potato, Italian Peppers, Onion, Green Olive, Egg and Fresh Mozzarella with Greens and Italian Dressing 16.

- – - Entree - – -

Roasted Grilled Prime Rib with Baked Potato and Vegetables 24.

Chicken Breast Milanese on Fettucine Primavera with Alfredo sauce 17.

Grilled Tilapia with Rice Primavera with Pico de Gallo and Avocado 17.

Last minute Gift idea

Joe’s Gift Cards

for $ 100.00 cash or check

receive $ 110.00 in Gift Cards

Fill a Joe’s Latte Cup with Truffles

Get that Special Diamond from James Kalles and wrap it up in a

“Nobody does it like Joe” T-shirt


- – - Wine Specials - – -

at ” grocery store prices”

Cabernet Sauvignon

Marietta Arme Lot number 1
Bourdeaux blend from
Mendocino and Sonoma County 34. btl

Laurel Glen Estate 2010
100% cabernet Sauvignon 59. btl

Sustainable farmed in Napa Valley
29. half btl 44. btl


Hess Select Pinot Noir
8.50 gl 26.00 Btl

McManis Merlot
8.00 gl 24.00 Btl


We are proud to introduce Benziger Family Winery
Sonoma County Chardonnay
8.50 gl 26.00 Btl

Sauvignon Blanc
8.00 gl 24.00 Btl


Reasons #1 to Score a Beaujolais -Villages Nouveau 2014     
7.50 gl     24.00 Btl

1.) It’s fun to drink

“This is a wine that was literally harvested just a few weeks ago. Yes, it’s young, youthful, but it still has a lot fruit and complexity.   But it’s this youth factor that makes it fun.  It’s in the wine and that reflected in the parties, is the excitement around it.”


And of course think about the upcoming Christmas Parties Have them here at Joe’s in the Red-Room, seats up to 35 guests and you can prearrange a set menu.  Many options, easy access, lots of parking, fabulous service and all at a great price.
Call soon, ask for Roland to reserve your space or get it catered.




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