Iced Tea, Herbal Iced Tea, Lemonade                                    3
Coke, DP, DC, Sprite                                                            3
Hot Teas (most are organic)                                                  3
Complete hot water set up                                                 1
Raspberry Lemonade     (refills 1)                                    3
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water                        3
Orangiana & Limonada San Pellegrino                         3
Panna Still Mineral Water                                                3
Milk                                                                                    3

Juices: pom-cran, orange or apple                                    3
Ginger Ale and Root Beer in the bottle                                    3
Milk Shake            (made with Haagen Dazs)                        7
Iced Coffee Float w/ Haagen Dazs                                    7
Root Beer Float w/ Haagen Dazs                                     7
Italian Soda                                                                        3
Italian Cream Soda                                                            4
Monin real fruit syrups – blackberry, cherry, hazelnut,
raspberry, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla)