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Nobody does it like Joe!

Where local farming and great food come together

Today’s Specials


Sunday Dinner
April 5th, 2020

Store Hours and Services
due to current restrictions

Curb-Side-Pick Up only
here is how it works:
1.) call 
Give your name and phone number
place your order
add your tip in dollars or percentage
give your credit card or Joe's Giftcard number
2.) when at the restaurant call us from your car, tell us you're car model and color 
and we bring the food and credit card receipt to you. No signature is required

(505) 471-3800

Open 11 am - 7:30 pm

The team is ready for you


Temperature check, lots of handwashing, gloves and facemasks


 – Soup –
 White Bean & Vegetable 6/8.

– Appetizer –
 Green Chili Cheddar and Bacon Baked Potato Skins w/ Ranch 8.

– Salad –
 Italian Salad- Salami, Potato, Italian
Pepper, Onion, Green Olive, Egg &
 Fresh Mozzarella on Mixed Greens
w/ Italian Dressing  16.

– Entree –
Spaghetti Bolognese (made with  local, grass-finished beef) with Garlic Bread & Side Caesar Salad 16.

Bison Osso Bucco with Cauliflower & Yukon Gold puree and a Side Salad   28

Grilled Mahi-Mahi filet with Red-Chile Hollandaise over Rice Pilaf Primavera  19.

– Dessert –

Pecan-Apricot pie   8.
Coconut Cream or Banana Cream – Pie   7.
New York Cheese Cake   7.
Chocolate Mousse Torte  8.
Gluten Free Brownie  4.

Choc-Mousse-Cup GlutenFree  3.68
+tax =4.00

Don’t forget to check our full
Main menu

not all menu items are available all the time


Soup 1 qt  $ 15.00
Organic Chicken, Vegetable and Ginger ( broth style)
Black Bean Soup no sour-cream  (vegan)
Soup du Jour

QUICHE  ( frozen)  32oz pies  $ 26.00

Old Fashion Ham and Swiss
Lorraine ( bacon and Onion)

Organic Eggs  1 dz  $ 5.00
Green Chile Autumn-roast  16oz  $ 5.00

Colloidal Silver ” Kill-It-All”
available in 4 oz bottles
19.99 for one,   29.99 for 2 bottles

Toiletpaper  $1.00


Delivery ??   we work with FETCH !!
ask us to get your ToGo order delivered and we call Fetch for you


– Local Food Partners –
 Monte Vista Organics, Romero Farms, Green Tractor, Susan’s Sprouts, Camino dePaz School, Shepherds Lamb, Berry Beef,  Eve’s Farm, Gemini Farm,Tucumcari Feta, SF Culinaria,  Valencia Flour, Ohori’s Coffee, NMBest-Bison

– Wine  Specials –
Casa Rondena  ~1629~  New Mexico-2016
  Created by award winning vinter John Calvin.Named for the year vinifera grapes were first planted in North America. Deep, rich and pungent with dark fruit and balance.       Bottle 36.
Austin Hope Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon – California 2016
modern-styled wine with velvety tannins & heaps of juicy blackberry and cherry fruit, while nuances of cedar, clove, and vanilla bean round out the long, smooth finish.     bottle  54.
Francis Ford Coppola
 Director’s Cut Technicolor
2014 Dry Creek Valley Red Wine
  Bottle 34.


.-Beer on Tap –
glass ( 8oz)  /  pint
Route 66 Pilsner   5 / 6
Second Street Brewery 2920 IPA  5/ 6
  NEW – Tumbleroot Honey double IPA  6 / –
Guiness Stout  5/ 6
Black & Tan (pint)  – / 6


Split in kitchen plate charge $3.00 – or ask for extra plates no charge.

Consumer advisory & NM Environmental Report @




Welcome to Joe’s Santa Fe

Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner
Eat-in * Take-out * Catering

Locally sourced
European influenced
and utterly delicious 
American comfort food

We serve locally sustainable food
 strengthen our health,
to protect our land
and to grow our local economy

Open everyday, 8:00 am – 8:30 pm, except some holidays.
Free Wi-Fi – Free parking

Who is Joe?
Joe is everyman.  He is you, he is me, he is the guy next door, 
the gal next door.  He is José, Giuseppe, Joseph and all female renditions of the name. Joe is the common thread among us and yet he is one of a kind.  He is friendly, unpretentious, straightforward with quietly discriminating tastes. Joe has a robust sense of humor – he loves to laugh, even at himself. He loves good food, good drink and good company.

Welcome to Joe’s!

Local Sustainable Foods

What really distinguishes Joe’s is our passion for a sustainable, local food supply.  Roland and Sheila established Joe’s in 2002 as a diner – our intent being to offer an unpretentious comfortable atmosphere for locals who demand high quality local food and uncompromising quality of ingredients offered at a fair price.

We are indeed the biggest restaurant buyer of Farmers Market goods in Santa Fe. The farmers say this and our expenditures prove it.  We now spend well over $100,000 a year on locally produced foods.  From 2008 to 2012 Joe’s increased these purchases 340% (from $30,000 to over $100,000.)

What our guests demand is clearly in line with our passion for a local healthy sustainable food supply.  This is what drives us to continue in this direction.

Here is a partial list of local ingredients we use: grass finished NM lamb, bison and Sweetgrass Co-op ground beef; also  chile, NM grown organic flour, feta, house made mozzarella, fruits, veggies, sprouts, wines, beers and breads and homemade desserts.


what’s so great about organic food?

Top 10 things you should never put in your mouth again


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